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The key to winning or being the best in Star Wars galaxy is to know which character you should be spending your time and energy over. It is so frustrating when you spend all your time and energy that you could have used to do something else with some character that is useless in arena. All characters have different specialties and we have listed them accordingly.

starwars-1311455_640The few of the best characters we have come across so far includes;

  • If you are looking for speed and a lightning fast character then spend your energy searching for Princess Leia.
  • Looking for a leader for Jedi Squad? Qui-Gon Jinn is the one you should be spending money on.
  • If you have Clone Wars Chewbacca then it gives you the assurance that all your weak players are safe. It will give them protection from all enemy attacks. I am not saying that he is the best character among all but if you want to protect your team then he is the one who will take hits for them.
  • For counter-attacking, you must have Count Dooku or if you are playing against him then try to attack him as much because he counter attacks 25% of the hits he gets. You have to work hard to get this character, as you have to have 50 Dooku character shards or maybe by battling certain levels repeatedly. If you are lucky enough and have a high-level Dooku then you must be sure that he has almost 100% of the ability to counter attack.
  • If you are looking for a character having great healing power, leader qualities and who is amazing in galactic wars then Tanky is the one you are looking for.
  • Barriss Offee is worse than Count Dooku if you are playing against her and being more annoying than Count Dooku is something! She has one of the best healing qualities among all characters. Despite having the best healing qualities, she lacks strong defense. If Barris collaborates with another healer then she definitely becomes unstoppable.
  • Luminara Unduli is mostly the part of high-end teams present in the games. Her attacking abilities are outrageous though her speed is average. She has been an undisputed character since day one of Galaxy of Heroes.

If you are a beginner then you should try searching these characters and make your squad out of the best characters to have one of the high-end teams in Star Wars.

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