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September 12, 2016
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Best PC Games of 2016

The following list is according to our reviews and thoughts, these games do not necessarily have to be the best for you. If you disagree with the list we update then we appreciate you speaking up about it and letting us know where we are wrong.

The list we have chosen for now includes the following games from 2016;

  • Batman: Arkham City, you can buy this for $ 10.75

The game is basically a derivative of Batman: Arkham City but the game is packed with enough drama and thugs that it stays at the top of our best PC games.

  • rise-of-tomb-raiderRise of Tomb Raider, you can get this for $ 59.99

It includes powerful combat and some tricky puzzles that keep you interested in the game so much that you forget about everything else. The critics and fans have received it very well.

  • Resident Evil HD Remaster, costs you $ 19.99

Who does not love a good Resident Evil game? There has never been a time when Resident Evil got released and did not get my attention! If you are into suspense and zombies then do not miss this.

  • The Swapper can be bought for $ 14.99

The only thing that keeps you concentrated on the game is that it has suspense and who does not love a little suspense and  puzzles to figure out in a game?

  • Split/Second costs $19.99 and also the same price on Amazon.

Everybody loves playing games which include racing, driving cars fast and ending up with mass destruction after an accident, even the girls. For me, such games have always caught my attention because they are addictive and gain a lot of attention and concentration.

  • Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, costs you $ 29.99

The plot is basically quest driven which attracts me but you have to work to achieve your highest level which makes me run out of patience at times but a lot of games tend to have this feature and I think this keeps the player going through the game.

The game mentioned above mostly focuses on the male gender, now we will mention few of the games that girls might enjoy.

  • image-01-700x393Ori and the Blind Forest has an emotional storyline. The character you are supposed to be playing with is Ori and you help him go through different types of puzzles and hard areas. The player gets updates and you get scores along the way while playing.
  • Sims 4 is where you work hard for your house and treat your characters as real life human beings. It has always been one of the top games for both the males and the females. Sims never fail to exceed people’s expectations and always comes out with a blast. You can never stop yourself from buying Sims!
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious is basically a game where you have your own restaurant and you have to manage it all by yourself. You are given a few thousand dollars for start-up and then you are on your own. Consider it as real life struggles while starting up your own restaurant.

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